Edgefield County Library (South Carolina)

Edgefield County Libraries collects and stores documents and multimedia records which they make available to the public. Libraries operate at the Edgefield County local level, or they may be part of an university, a private organization, or a government agency. Edgefield County libraries contain books, magazines, movies, music, and online and digital documents, including ebooks. They may also provide a searchable database to locate government documents such as Edgefield County vital records, government agency reports, and records on individuals and businesses. Libraries also offer events and services, including story times, book clubs, and classes, as well as reference services. Some library services may be restricted to residents of Edgefield County, South Carolina, who may be required to apply for a library card. County libraries provide information about their records and services online.

Old Edgefield District Genealogical Society Edgefield SC PO Box 546 29824