Multnomah County Library (Oregon)

Search for Multnomah County, OR county libraries. A county library search provides information on hours, locations and phone numbers, library services, library events, library programs, books, magazines, movies, music, ebooks, reference services, government documents, vital records, story times, book clubs, library classes, apply for a library card, check out books, find local library branches, and public index information.

Multnomah County Libraries collects and stores documents and multimedia records which they make available to the public. Libraries operate at the Multnomah County local level, or they may be part of an university, a private organization, or a government agency. Multnomah County libraries contain books, magazines, movies, music, and online and digital documents, including ebooks. They may also provide a searchable database to locate government documents such as Multnomah County vital records, government agency reports, and records on individuals and businesses. Libraries also offer events and services, including story times, book clubs, and classes, as well as reference services. Some library services may be restricted to residents of Multnomah County, Oregon, who may be required to apply for a library card. County libraries provide information about their records and services online.

Concordia College Library Portland OR 2900 Northeast Liberty Street 97211 503-280-8507

Eric V. Hauser Memorial Library Portland OR 3203 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard 97202 503-777-7702

Friends Of-Multnomah CTY Library Portland OR 522 Southwest 5th Avenue 97204 503-224-9176

Genealogical Forum of Oregon Portland OR 2505 Southeast 11th Avenue 97202 503-963-1932

Library Foundation Portland OR 620 Southwest 5th Avenue 97204 503-223-4008

Mulnomah Public Library - North Portland Branch Portland OR 8226 North Denver Avenue 97217 503-988-5370

Multnomah County - Title Wave Library Portland OR 3605 Northeast 15th Avenue 97212 503-988-5362

Multnomah County Library - Belmont Portland OR 1038 Southeast Cesar E Chavez Boulevard 97214 503-988-5382

Multnomah County Library - Capitol Hill Portland OR 10723 Southwest Capitol Highway 97219 503-988-5385

Multnomah County Library - Central Library Portland OR 801 Southwest 10th Avenue 97205 503-988-5123

Multnomah County Library - Fairview Columbia Fairview OR 1520 Northeast Village Street 97024 503-988-5655

Multnomah County Library - Gregory Heights Portland OR 7921 Northeast Sandy Boulevard 97213 503-988-5386

Multnomah County Library - Gresham Gresham OR 385 Northwest Miller Avenue 97030 503-988-5387

Multnomah County Library - Hillsdale Portland OR 1525 Southwest Sunset Boulevard 97239 503-988-5388

Multnomah County Library - Holgate Portland OR 7905 Southeast Holgate Boulevard 97206 503-988-5389

Multnomah County Library - Hollywood Portland OR 4040 Northeast Tillamook Street 97212 503-988-5391

Multnomah County Library - Isom Building Portland OR 205 Northeast Russell Street 97212 503-988-5402

Multnomah County Library - Midland Portland OR 805 Southeast 122nd Avenue 97233 503-988-5392

Multnomah County Library - Northwest Portland OR 2300 Northwest Thurman Street 97210 503-988-5560

Multnomah County Library - Rockwood Portland OR 17917 Southeast Stark Street 97233 503-988-5396

Multnomah County Library - Sellwood-Moreland Portland OR 7860 Southeast 13th Avenue 97202 503-988-5398

Multnomah County Library - St. Johns Portland OR 7510 North Charleston Avenue 97203 503-988-5397

Multnomah County Library - Woodstock Portland OR 6008 Southeast 49th Avenue 97206 503-988-5399

Oregon Environmental Council Portland OR 222 Northwest Davis Street 97209 503-222-1963

Paul L Boley Law Library Portland OR 10015 Southwest Terwilliger Boulevard 97219 503-768-6776

Polish Library Association & Grandpa's Cafe Portland OR 3832 North Interstate Avenue 97227 503-287-4077

Portland Community College - Sylvania Campus Portland OR 12000 Southwest 49th Avenue 97219 971-722-6111